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One of Streamline's key offerings are Advisory Services. We work closely with all our customers to carry out a number of services that are integral to the marketing of our clients products.

A thorough understanding of the market is key to any decision making process. Streamline subscribes to the most credible and informative data sources and presents as well as interprets that information for our customers. The translation of many factors that influence market prices is essential to ensuring the greatest revenue for our producers.

We take the time to interpret and discuss these market fundamentals and work with our clients to understand what factors are most important to their business needs and what strategies best suit that companies objectives. This also includes a discussion and understanding of current events and what influence they may have on the market.

We build monthly managements reports for your commodities and for any financial transactions to track the mark to market. These reports provide an excellent summary of your actual and forecast production, pricing and revenue. The data used are your actual production numbers taken off carefully scrutinized monthly purchase statements. A number of our clients rely on these reports for internal budgeting and forecasting purposes.

Streamline is instrumental in negotiating sales/purchase agreements for both physical and financial transactions. We understand how vital it is to conduct your business with creditworthy counterparties and we keep our customers apprised of current credit status of a number of companies. We work diligently with our customers to understand their needs with respect to portfolio management, hedging strategies and associated risk/reward analysis. Because we do not ever transact with our customers directly, or in other words, we do not take title or buy the production, Streamline truly offers an objective perspective on the market.


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