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In the current environment, it is more important than ever that liquidity be preserved in price discovery and that only creditworthy purchasers comprise a producer's portfolio of counterparties. It is as important to us as it is to you that you are paid correctly, in a timely fashion and that payment can be reasonably depended on based on the creditworthiness of purchasers.

Regardless of whether you are selling at the plant gate, have your own account on Nova/Transcanada and have firm transportation to manage, we search the market for the best opportunity on your behalf. We also provide numerous price quotes by accessing multiple counterparties and provide price structures. Streamline will discuss the pros/cons associated with any opportunity, but the producer always decides how to proceed with a contract/counterparty and deal structure. We are pleased to provide analysis and recommendations for risk management options and will always gather market quotes for any transaction.

We do not take ownership of any product. Revenues are paid directly into your account.

Streamline's objectives match your own.


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