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Streamline delivers exceptional expertise and service to producers. We provide revenue maximizing services and are instrumental in creating shareholder value. Streamline's business is managing your commodities efficiently. At your disposal is the experience and resources of a complete marketing team. Commodity experts, transportation and marketing, in-depth fundamentals analysis, plus contract negotiations and hedging strategies are provided for all products. Streamline does not take title or purchase products which allows us to be objective in managing your business and ensuring the highest quality contracts and transactions. All business decisions reside with the producer. Utilize our experience and receive the benefit of our services. Read below to review examples that quantify the value we add to your bottom line.

If you are currently selling your production to a creditworthy buyer, why do you need Streamline??

The economics of hiring an internal marketing group may not be justified presently. This may have been one of the factors behind working with a large marketing company to purchase your gas and crude oil production. This is convenient, efficient and you have handled your marketing requirements by outsourcing that function - right? Wrong!!

You may have arranged to sell directly to a creditworthy company that will take title to your product(s) and pay you promptly, but what else is there to consider? Streamline urges you to consider the objectives and motivations of all parties.

The following are quantifiable examples of the value Streamline can add to your bottom line:

1. Streamline has captured revenue for producers by making sure they do not pay unutilized transportation charges on any firm service they may hold. Depending on the level of service held, these revenue savings can be many thousands of dollars per month.

2. Fuel charges are another aspect of selling your commodity that should never cost you more than you are contractually obligated to pay. Over-allocating fuel to you or charging you more than the pipeline posted fuel rates can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

3. Proper gas balancing is a key operations function and if not managed daily you may be incurring unnecessarily large adjustments into the next month. At that point, you are at the mercy of the market and a draft or pack adjustment if the market is trending in the wrong direction could cost a significant amount. The end result can be similar to gambling or taking a speculative position on price direction. It is essential that an entity with your same interests is managing your business with the same objective in mind - ensuring you retain all revenue possible from the marketing of your products.

4. Even once your commodities are being sold to a purchaser of your choice, Streamline continues to monitor the market to ensure that you are still receiving the best pricing possible. A party that takes title would never have the motivation to tell you that there may be better deals in the marketplace. This is how we can be sure that your revenue is being maximized. For example, we have saved thousands of dollars by monitoring crude oil prices, blending, changing locations and recommending switching to different buyers if your contract with your current purchaser no longer reflects the best market.

5. In addition to the thousands, possibly millions of dollars that can be missed through improper management of your operations, some of the greatest opportunities to protect your revenue stream is through involvement on term hedges. We always make sure that our clients receive fair market value on any commodity transaction with a purchaser. Our relationships with banks, marketing companies and marketer/producers work to your benefit when you decide you would like to transact for one month or longer terms under any type of pricing arrangement or structured product (physical or financial).


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